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Swachh Cleaning

Bond Back Cleaning

Our professional bond cleaners handle your bond cleaning needs and provide top-notch bond cleaning services in Melbourne.

Swachh Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning

Our end-of-lease and bond cleaning services ensure that you receive a tidy house to turn over to the property owners and receive the whole security deposit, whether you are moving out of a studio apartment or a family home.

Swachh Cleaning

Moving in and out House Cleaning

Swachh cleaning provides 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and seamless Moving in and out House Cleaning at the best rates.

How We Are Different

Because of our exceptional customer service and expertise in the cleaning sector, we have grown to be a force to be reckoned with. We are honoured to be known as one of Melbourne’s top companies offering bond cleaning services.

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Experienced Staff

Insured and experienced professionals with over 10 years in the industry.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist


Kitchens will be thoroughly cleaned, including the Oven, Griller & Dip Trays, Stove / CookTop, Range Hood Exterior & Filters, Cupboards Inside and Outside, Counter Tops & Benches, Sinks & Taps, and Splashbacks

Throughout Premises in all Rooms

We provide thorough cleaning of all the rooms and our services include, Skirting, BoardsWiped, Hard Floors Mopped, Doors, Door Frames & Knobs Lights & Light Switches, Exhaust Fans, Air Vents, Mirrors, Sinks & Taps, Windows & Window Sills, Wardrobes & Cabinets, and Stairs & Balustrades

Carpets Steam Cleaning

Thorough cleaning and Vacuuming of Carpets, Dusting & Cobwebs on Walls


Thorough cleaning In Toilet / Bathrooms, Toilet Bowl, Seat & Cistern

In Laundry

Top notch cleaning of Drawers & Cabinets, Sink, Basin & Taps, Splashbacks Sinks & Hand, Plug Holes, Wipe Tiles, Drawers & Cabinets, and the Vanity Area.

Toilets and Bathrooms

Complete cleaning of Toilets and Bathrooms including, Basins, Toilet Bowl, Seat & Cistern, Shower Screen / Cabin and Floor, Taps and Faucets, Bathtub, Sinks & Hand, Plug Holes, Wipe Tiles, Drawers & Cabinets, and Vanity Area

Optional Extras

Add extras and customise your end of lease cleaning service to meet your needs:

Appliances other than Oven

Thorough cleaning of appliances with 100% satisfaction.

Grout Cleaning

We provide the best grout cleaning for your rental property.

Balcony, Alfresco & Garage

Do you have a garage, alfresco, balcony, or veranda? You may tailor your service, and we can even take care of the cleaning.

Large Windows/ Glass Panels

Do you want to spring clean your house? Even your glass panels and large windows may be cleaned and organised by us.

Blinds & Curtains

Have dirty window blinds that need to be cleaned? Just tell us how many blinds you have and add the extra for blind cleaning.

Furniture & Upholstery

Just tell us what needs to be cleaned and we’ll provide the best upholstery cleaning.

Stain Removal From the Walls

The extra for wall washing pays for up to an hour's worth of labour to clean walls. Whenever more time is required, we'll let you know.

Carpets Steam Cleaning

If you require it, include carpet steam cleaning in your list of services. Simply select the number of areas that need to be cleaned.

External Windows & Flyscreens

Got more than 1 set of external windows? Add as many as you need cleaned. We'll do the interior & exterior of the glass, and the tracks.

Driveway & Other External Cleaning

Choose the amount of driveway spaces in your garage, and we'll clean and organize it.

What Our Client Say

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
Thanks for cleaning up! I know I left a bit of a task, so well done!
Tulaya Khangtatswas
Tulaya Khangtatswas
Quick response and arrangement. Service is fast and professional. My tenants were very happy.
Suraj Patel
Suraj Patel
Highly recommend Very reliable people, beat the competitors quotes and we got our bond back at first attempt.
parshana batha
parshana batha
The work done was thorough and as instructed. Will definitely use again in the future!
Sweta Iyer
Sweta Iyer
It was a breeze to deal with Swachh Cleaning Services. We used them over a month and for an end of lease clean. Very prompt and excellent attention to detail. Will definitely use again.
Extremely helpful people!! They did lease end cleaning, on requesting that my house lease ends in 2 days. It was very nicely, quickly and efficiently done. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you guys are doing great jobs!!! Wish you good luck :)
Felicity Smither
Felicity Smither
Wonderful service. Had a fantastic move in clean. Was booked urgently the night before. Sandeep was very accommodating. Excellent communication. Very reasonable pricing. Couldn't recommend more highly.
Swachh Cleaning Swachh Cleaning
Year of Experience


Professional Swachh End of lease Cleaning Services Melbourne:

Tenants are required to return the home to the owners at the end of the lease agreement in the same condition in which they obtained it. You would want to avoid having the cleaning chore placed on your plate when you are preoccupied with packing, paying off debts, and managing other moving-related tasks. Relying on the experienced end-of-tenancy cleaning services is a smart move if you want to prevent any tension.

A reputable end-of-tenancy cleaning or move-out cleaning service provider in Melbourne is  Swachh End of lease Cleaning Services. In providing our clients with an unmatched level of end of lease house cleaning services, we have years of extensive expertise. We can offer a first-rate cleaning service at affordable prices, whether you need to leave a rental home or business space.

About us

Residential Moving Out Cleaning Services Melbourne

When your home’s and company’s life cycle dictates the need to relocate, downsize, or upsize its current site. We offer top-notch end-of-tenancy cleanings to lessen the strain of moving. Every sort of commercial property has various cleaning needs, and it should go without saying that they all need to be met before a new tenant can be leased out. You may be confident that those goals will be achieved by working with Swachh Cleaning. Moving Out Cleaning is necessary because of the heavy traffic utilization that occurs in offices to guarantee that the property can be returned to the landlord in the condition specified in your lease agreement.

With our 10+ years of expertise, we can guarantee that the demands of both the tenant and the renting agency are always addressed.

One of our most intricate cleaning services is probably the end of tenancy. Moving out of a company location is typically a complicated job that may need having many service providers on site at once.

Swachh Cleaning Swachh Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

So, what exactly  is included in an end-of-lease cleaning? Vacuuming all carpets, wiping the floors, thoroughly dusting any hard furniture, cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, inside and out of the oven, and washing the windows are often included in a bond cleaning.

The cost estimate is based on the property’s size. However, the standard hourly rate for end-of-tenancy cleaning is roughly $40.

You must select a price per square foot for this pricing strategy. You may, for instance, charge $0.10 per square foot. You would multiply 10 cents by 2,000 if the house you are cleaning has a square footage of 2,000. Therefore, the cost of a 2,000 square foot residence is $200.00.

Yes, we promise that using our exit cleaning services will help you recover your bond money. However, if you have harmed anything within the property, we cannot provide a guarantee. If an issue arises solely as a result of cleaning, we will do all in our power to assist you resolve it. If necessary, we’ll even offer re-cleaning at no charge.

We are aware that moving-out cleaning is significantly different from normal cleaning. We have a deadline to meet throughout the cleaning. Exit cleaning typically takes 3 to 7 hours. However, the length of time needed to clean a property will vary depending on its size and degree of dirt. We usually need more time to do a comprehensive professional cleaning because getting your bond returned relies on how well the house is cleaned.

Yes, a complimentary oven cleaning is included in an executive vacating cleaning. Kitchen and kitchen appliance cleaning is a crucial component of the service. We carry out all of the tasks on our end-of-lease cleaning checklist.

Got a different question? Visit our FAQ page or contact us and we’ll answer it as soon as possible.

Swachh Cleaning

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