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Moving House Cleaning Melbourne

Getting ready to go soon? It’s crucial to leave your old home in excellent (or at least respectable) shape whether you’re finishing a lease or selling a house. This entails creating a checklist for move-out cleaning that you or a cleaner may use. In order to receive their security deposit refunded, renters will probably need to do a thorough cleaning. In fact, a lot of landlords demand that renters leave the house in the same state that they found it. Before giving the keys to the new owners, anyone selling a property will probably need to give it a thorough cleaning. Although a thorough cleaning is not always required by law, it is frequently usual for sellers to perform one before moving out.

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What we include in Moving House Cleaning

Depending on the size and state of cleanliness of the property, your move-out cleaning checklist will vary. We’ve created a thorough move out cleaning checklist as a starting point for your convenience.

Take whatever personal property that is still there

Remove all personal belongings from the house first. This includes anything from shelves and wall art to furniture and closet accessories.

Clean flooring

Vacuum the entire house one last time. Don't forget to vacuum stairwells, nooks, closets, and other challenging spots.

Dust and clean the surface

Wipe off bookcases, window panes, fireplace mantels, kitchen counters, bathroom countertops, and other hard surfaces using an all-purpose surface cleanser and a roll of paper towels or a clean cloth.

Clear out the cabinets

Remember to clean the inside of every cabinet. Particularly in the kitchen, cabinets are prone to collecting food crumbs and other traces of food and culinary supplies.

Clean appliances

Appliances made of stainless steel pick up smudges and fingerprints over time. Be careful to clean your refrigerator using a vinegar and water solution or an all-purpose spray. Don't forget to clean the microwave inside and out.

Clean and scrub the bathtubs, sinks, showers, and toilets

After you've finished cleaning and dusting, put on your sleeves and begin with the restrooms. Every sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet has to be washed and cleaned completely. Before leaving, the restrooms should be cleaned of any mould, rust, or mildew.

Organize your closets

Make sure to clean closet shelves and hanging rods in your apartment move out cleaning after you've sorted through your clothing and accessories. Along with vacuuming the closet flooring, make sure that any personal belongings have been taken out.

Remove the wall's screws, nails, and wall anchors

It's preferable to take out all of the wall anchors, hooks, and nails before moving out, unless the landlord or buyer specifically requested that you do so.

patching holes and drywall repair

Make careful to fix up any unattractive holes in the wall after removing any nails, hooks, and dry wall anchors. If any drywall has to be fixed, think about employing a qualified handyman to complete the task.

Throughout Premises in all Rooms




Step-by-Step Moving House Cleaning Process


Try the refrigerator first. The cleanliness of the area where you keep your food is crucial. To assist you with completing this chore, refer to our refrigerator cleaning advice.


Continue with the remainder of the kitchen after cleaning the refrigerator. Make sure to give all of the appliances a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Be unconcerned with the flooring.


Bathrooms are up next! You should perform a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the bathroom to get things off to a good start.


Work your way through the home's remaining rooms, cleaning them from top to bottom and left to right. Clean the windows and their frames, wash down the baseboards, dust any fans and light fittings, etc.


To save time, try completing each assignment in each chamber before moving on to the next one.


the flooring, to complete the operation. First sweep or vacuum, then mop. Deep-clean the carpets if you can. When the house is empty of furnishings, this is very simple.

Hire Professional Moving House Cleaners

If you’re renting or moving into a new house, a spotless environment will smell fresh and feel like home. Additionally, if you own property, there is a possibility to increase its worth and sell it quickly. When you are a renter, all that is on your mind is how to get your bond money back. How can I get someone to handle the cleaning before I move out? To ensure that your property is in impeccable condition for your bond money, our specialised move in/move out cleaners will thoroughly clean it from top to bottom with professional exit clean. You’ve found the one-stop cleaning shop since we provide a variety of cleaning services, including move-in and move-out cleaning, bond return cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, and cleaning after construction. The aim of all cleaning services is to thoroughly clean the space.

Frequently Asked Questions

It typically takes 3 hours to thoroughly clean a standard-sized home if you are cleaning it by yourself. The size of your home that has to be cleaned will always determine how quickly maid services and other cleaning services can clean since they always send at least two cleaners.

After moving in, you’re beginning to see that the former residents’ dust or filth is still present. Take a weekend or two to give your house a thorough moving in cleaning to get rid of any old debris left over from the previous tenants. Don’t just go about your daily life as usual.

Baseboards, doors, and window frames should be cleaned, the carpeting will be vacuumed, vacuuming floors, cleaning kitchen surfaces, such as the stove, countertops, sink, and cabinet exteriors.

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Nicholas King
Nicholas King
Thanks for cleaning up! I know I left a bit of a task, so well done!
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Tulaya Khangtatswas
Quick response and arrangement. Service is fast and professional. My tenants were very happy.
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Suraj Patel
Highly recommend Very reliable people, beat the competitors quotes and we got our bond back at first attempt.
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parshana batha
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Sweta Iyer
It was a breeze to deal with Swachh Cleaning Services. We used them over a month and for an end of lease clean. Very prompt and excellent attention to detail. Will definitely use again.
Extremely helpful people!! They did lease end cleaning, on requesting that my house lease ends in 2 days. It was very nicely, quickly and efficiently done. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you guys are doing great jobs!!! Wish you good luck :)
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Felicity Smither
Wonderful service. Had a fantastic move in clean. Was booked urgently the night before. Sandeep was very accommodating. Excellent communication. Very reasonable pricing. Couldn't recommend more highly.

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